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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

Few days to go before the most awaited Black Friday sale! Even moms based here in the Philippines are excited for this. We even have an FB group for what we call “pasaBUY” to save on shipping fee. Lots of great deals online such as that carry various brands of personal care and health products. I wanted to get something for myself and of course, for Nati BUT I don’t have that much shopping budget for now. If my most coveted cloth diaper will go on sale, then maybe I’ll get one for Nati. Gone are the days of shopping-spree during BF sale! Oh well, at least I have experienced opening a huge “balikbayan box” of my BF loots some years ago. Happy shopping mommies!

Fresh flowers at home be it a simple cut flower in a vase or lavishly arranged adds beauty to the place. It’s refreshing to look at a space with fresh flowers in one corner or on top of a table. Growing up, my late mother used to put a few stems of her orchids from her garden in a vase. So we have fresh flowers at home almost everyday of the year since orchids takes days before it wilt and orchids bloom all year round. Such a beauty! But back then, flowers at home is an ordinary thing maybe because I’m used to see it every single day. Now that I have my own family, I miss those moments when I can just pick fresh flowers from my mom’s garden. We don’t have free flowers now! We need to buy it and orchids are a bit expensive. I usually settle for Malaysian Mums when I need flowers for special occasions. Since flower arrangement is not my thing, I just put the flowers in a vase and viola, I have a beautiful bunch!


photo from google images

Looking at some home organization photos in Pinterest, I silently wish we have a space we could call our own. If that would happen, I am pretty sure I’d be inspired to arrange and organize that haven to make it cozy. Flowers would definitely be on top of the list! I believe flowers can transform a dull space into one lovely place not to mention that it perks everybody’s mood. It gives life to a boring space and lifts everyone’s spirit – at least for those who loves or appreciates flowers.

Lucky are those who have gardens that they could pick flowers for their home or loved ones. I wish someday, I’d be able to pick a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers from my garden and enjoy the following benefits daily:

  1. Flowers improve a person’s mood instantly. People who have fresh flowers in their home are reported to have less anxiety attacks. So bid goodbye with worrying a lot.
  2. With fresh flowers at home, it could serve as inspiring decoration.
  3. A flower’s smell refreshes memory.
  4. Put flower/s in the work area to boost creativity and concentration.
  5. It brings positive feelings. It also makes the living space welcoming.

With these, I would love to have fresh flowers in our room starting today to at least make me feel good everyday and to turn our cluttered space more homey. I have a friend who lives in Perth, Australia who is taking a masteral program and now I understand why she always has flowers in her home. Fresh Flowers deliver in Perth and this is her florist of choice. She puts the beautiful bouquets on her desk and really enjoys having fresh flora at home. Time to look for my vase that I’ve been keeping for months and buy some cut flowers in the market! I can’t wait to feel at home in our living space!

Mr. Bean ala Bruno Mars

Fujifilm Instant Camera from Max’s Restaurant

I am itching to use this Fujifilm Instant Camera that Ace got for coming in the Max’s Bruno Mars’ bloggers event in fedora hat and was forced to sing and dance ala Bruno Mars.haha! Thanks to his unusual confidence that night and for the crowd that was very supportive of him for singing along because he doesn’t memorize the lyrics. I have a video of him but wasn’t able to get a photo. My bad! Anyway, this Instax will always remind me of Mr. Bean’s transformation to Bruno Mars. I was laughing so hard while Ace was singing hmm…more of babbling some of the lyrics.LOL. Anyway, thank you so much Max’s Restaurant!

For a shutter happy like me, this Instax is drool-worthy. I believe memory keepers are also using it for their Project Life – no need to run to the photo printing shops to have photos printed. In a few seconds, you already have a photo ready to be slipped in the PL album sleeves.

Ace in fedora hat and Nati

Max’s Restaurant gave away 2 tix + free airfare and accommodation for Bruno Mars’ concert that night. I’m a fan and wishing I could get the chance to watch his concert but I know it’s impossible because I have a little girl that is directly feeding from me. I’m sure it will be one epic night for all Bruno Mars fans! I should say, fangirl mode on!

Speaking of music and concert, I always love watching one as long as it’s not a rock concert. I have a low tolerance of super loud rock music (I consider it as a noise) same with some DJ’s mix that aren’t pleasing to the ears. So far, I love my DJ friend’s music mixes. It’s upbeat but not annoying to the ears. He may not be using an excellent numark mixtrack pro from guitar center but he plays like a pro!