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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

This is part of the Philippine National Antem played by the Silliman University Marching Band during their Colors of Christmas concert in Davao City two years ago. I and Ace never miss the chance to watch SU Band’s concerts in the city. The first time I watched SU Marching Band’s concert is during my university years in USM. Their rendition of the National Anthem made me teary-eyed. I don’t know but I get emotional when I hear a beautiful rendition either accapella or instrumental of Lupang Hinirang.

Silliman University marching band has a special place in Ace’ heart because he was once a member of it. He plays the trumpet. When he recounts his SU experiences, being one of the band members is always the highlight. I must say he is so passionate about it that until now owning one of the best trumpets is one his dreams. He hasn’t played in years but I am sure he still knows to play it. His eyes spark every time he sees a trumpet, and gets thrilled when he lays his hand on it. I am sure he will be over the moon when he receives a trumpet as a gift. I’m actually thinking about giving him one but I won’t mention here when because he’s reading my blogs! Soon, honey….you’ll get your one of your dreams – to have your own trumpet!

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