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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

We attended the Globe Kamustahan the other night with some members of the Davao Bloggers (I’ll make a separate post about the event later). We aren’t expecting the event to be grand as I assumed it would just be a simple get-together of Globe subscribers but we are surprised to see a grand ballroom with three huge screens at the stage and superb lights and sound system. Guess the two ballrooms were used for the event. After Globe CEO Ernest Cu gave his speech, we thought the night is over. We were all surprised to hear a familiar voice coming from the crowd and we were ecstatic to realize it is Robert Seña then followed by Isay Alvarez. So this is what the host is telling us – to experience a world class entertainment.

World class talents gracing the Kamustahan of world class network. Nagulat ang crowd biglang may narinig na familiar voice.

Indeed, world class! I really can’t believe I am listening to them LIVE! I realized it’s a different thing listening to them on TV than in person. Such great and powerful voices! The sound system didn’t fail the two world class performers as they must not only be using the common Roland Amps that can be brought anywhere but a better one I suppose. Robert and Isay made our night and I am mesmerized. Until we reached home, I still can’t believe I heard them sing live…and I never spent a dime for it! Thanks Globe for bringing the world class talents to Davao City.

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