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Pest control at home

Pest control is one of the things that we must give importance at home. Before we moved, we paid bucks for the termite control done by one of the pest control companies in the city. It’s expensive, I know. But at least we are safe from any pest infestation at home especially termites for the time being. Who would want their house to be damaged by pests? Since we heard a lot of horror stories about houses damaged by termites, and owners has to spend a lot to renovate the house. In worst case scenario, major renovation is needed and we don’t want that to happen so we didn’t have second thoughts about getting our neighbor’s pest control services. I’m sure every homeowner wouldn’t want to experience the hassle of being infested with those damaging pests in their homes.

Termites are the most feared for me and hubby because it can cause so much damage more than we could imagine and handle. I think about those pest too much that when I tried the pest test puzzle in Raleigh pest control‘s website, TERMITE is the first word that I saw. Paranoid is the word, that when I see a termite near the house, I freak out!

How about you? What is your most feared pest at home? I am sure you have your own story about them too.

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