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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

Having a good bed and mattress is one of the factors for a good night sleep. In our case, we don’t have a bed for we returned the old spring bed to the in-laws when we moved from the apartment years ago. Ace and I decided not to use a bed since the old spring bed is causing my recurring back pain. We prefer lying on the floor with a thick foam mattress than taking a risk on the uneven spring bed. We gave up that old spring bed thinking that we can buy a platform bed months after. Fast forward to three years after, we still didn’t get a bed. We’re already used to sleeping on the floor but sometimes we miss sleeping in the bed. We might not have a bed, I just make sure our room is dark and well ventilated (with the help of A/C to help us sleep until almost midday to complete our 8-hour sleep.

Getting a bed is one thing that we are considering now. I might have a hard time getting up from the floor when my tummy becomes bigger so hubby and I are talking about buying a bed few months from now. With a bulging tummy, I might have special needs to have a restful sleep. At times I need to elevate my legs so I just put a pillow under it. I used to sleep with just one pillow but I find it uncomfortable now as I wanted to elevate my head hence I am using to pillows just to make myself comfortable and have a deep slumber. With a preggy’s special needs, I wish we have a Tempurpedic adjustable bed such as Luxe Motion 4 Adjustable Foundation that I can adjust according to my needs whether I am relaxing (as I usually do now that I am pregnant) or to sleep. I love that kind of bed because of the built-in massage therapy among other features. How I wish we can have one!

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