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In perpetually warm, humid climates like Singapore, ants can be a pervasive pest, causing damage to homes and lives. They can destroy the comfort and peace of mind that people and families should be able to enjoy in their own homes. Most people are familiar with the frustration of having to deal with an ant infestation at home or at work. How to get of ants is a common problem faced by millions who struggle to eradicate the problem once and for all. While ants are resilient and well adapted to finding food and shelter among humans, there is hope in being able to get rid of ants, and the solutions might be easier than you might think.

Step #1: Know Your Enemy (Identify the Ant)

There is a large number of ant species commonly responsible for most infestations both inside and outside the home. To create an effective strategy to combat the infestation, it is critical to first know exactly what sort it is. Different species respond to different tactics, so make sure to get the correct information. Take a good picture of the ant, closely and clearly enough to see identifying features, and see if you can find a match via an online search. If it is still unclear, consider contacting a local pest control company to see if they can help you.

Step #2: Good Housekeeping

Ants thrive on the bits of food left over by humans. The best way to prevent or stop an infestation is to make the area uninteresting to the ants. Make sure to clean up promptly after cooking and eating, wipe up residue and spills, and don’t leave garbage in the house. If there is no more food for them, the ants will have no reason to stay. Once they leave, seal off possible entry points like holes and breaks. Spray common entryways with insecticide to deter any future ants from entering.

Step #3: Search and Destroy

While you can kill as many stray ants as you find inside your house, chances are this will not be enough to stem the tide. This is due to the fact that for every one that you see, there can be hundreds more nearby in the ant colony. It is critical to wipe out the entire colony at the source to ensure that no future infestations occur. This can be done either by setting out poisoned bait for the ants to carry back to the nest, thereby wiping out the entire colony, or by physically hunting down and destroying the nest. Success using baiting is entirely dependent on using the appropriate bait for the type of ant you have, hence the importance of identifying it early on in the process. To find the physical nest, first start by looking for water-damaged areas, as ants prefer damp conditions to build their nests in. Once found, spray the nest with insecticide targeted at ants such as bifenthrin or permethrin. Once the nest is destroyed, repair any damaged areas to prevent future infestation.

If at any point the process becomes too difficult for you to handle alone, contact a pest control company. Infestations can be severe and can cause lasting damage, so contacting professionals dedicated to pest control can be an effective step in figuring out how to get rid of ants in your home. The trained professionals at PestBusters in Singapore take great pride in having handled pest control problems for over 20 years. PestBusters provides the highest level of service designed to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions tailored each client’s needs.

PestBusters – Pest control management services company in Singapore. PestBusters was founded on the mission that the company would set the standard for the Pest Control Industry. Established in 1991, the company quickly became one of the most trusted names in the hospitality.

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