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A washing machine is an appliance that works wonders, especially when you have had a long tiring day and there is a pile waiting to be washed. No more soaking clothes in a tub of soap, washing, rinsing, hanging them on a clothes liner. Today, the clothes dryer  does it all, and all you do is take out the garments, fold them up and store them away in your closet. In the fast paced world, the dryers are fast becoming an essential due to space and time constraints and they have become very energy efficient. Some dryers are so advanced that they are able to finish with wrinkle free drying and it requires no ironing. There are matching washers and dryers sold that are stylish, sleek and colourful. There are so many options at Fisher & Paykel dryers that will have you overwhelmed and spoilt for choice.

Dryers differ in the way they use heat. You can choose either a front load or a top load dryer. As for the capacity, pick one that suits your needs. Electric dryers are quite common and are cost efficient but in the long run do cost more than gas dryers. On the other hand, even though gas dryers are expensive, they work out better and are low maintenance.  The only drawback in the latter is that you need a gas connection given in the washing area.

Another point to note when buying clothes dryer is how it works. It is either using thermostat or moisture sensor. The older models have thermostat but at times it has an impact on the items being washed, they get over dry and this could damage the cloth. The moisture sensor helps shut off the dryer automatically once the moisture in the clothes are dry and this in turn saves a lot of energy and electricity .

If you are pressed for space, you need not fret as there is the option of combination washer and dryer models at Fisher & Paykel dryers. These are either front load or top load or stacked. This comes in compact sizes and does not cost you too much. You can also opt for a compact dryer that is smaller in size and that can be stacked on top of your washing machine.

So choose the right dryer based on need and space and energy usage and don’t get hung up only on the capacity aspect of the dryer.

This guest post was done by Olivia, an active mum who is always on the lookout for smarter appliances making life easier.

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