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Simple Tips For a Tidy Home

Keeping on top of your cleaning and tidying can be a tiresome task if it isn’t split up into manageable sections. Other than hiring a cleaner, the only way to make sure it doesn’t mount up is to keep things in check periodically. This is however easier said than done… and it’s easy to put things off until later.

Everything has its place.

If everything has its designated place for storage then you’re less likely to leave things to build up on other surfaces.

Prioritize your storage.

Decorations and seasonal items are best stored somewhere out of the way like the garage or the loft. It’s of no use to keep them in the main rooms of the house when they’re rarely accessed. Keep commonly used items in easy to access storage.

Choose attractive storage.

For storage to be effective, it needs to be accessible. Avoid cheap and ugly plastic bins that you’ll only want to hide away somewhere. If you use some attractive baskets and containers then you’re much more likely to keep them in view somewhere that’s easy to access. If you use a basket for gloves, hats and bags then it’s much more useful to keep it near the main doorway, on show, rather than hidden under something else.

Think twice before buying new things.

Before purchasing something new, ask yourself if you really need it. Owning fewer possessions results in less actual cleaning and reduces clutter in the house. As an added benefit, you might also save some money in the long term.

Make room for new things.

If you’re replacing or upgrading an item, make room for it by getting rid of something you no longer use. This way you’ll have to buy less storage throughout the house.

‘The One Year rule’ is helpful in deciding between items to keep and items to get rid of. If you haven’t used it within a year, it’s unlikely you’re ever going to use it. The only exceptions to this rule being sentimental items, the rest could be worth selling online to fund your new purchases.

Clean frequently.

The more frequent you clean, the less effort it will require. The less often you clean, the more it builds up until it eventually reaches such a level that it’ll require an entire day dedicated to it. Doing a little bit each day prevents it from ever getting out of hand.

Don’t go it alone.

Expect others to help out, there’s no use in struggling to do it all on your own. Make sure everyone has an idea where items belong so they can get into the habit of putting things away. Amongst the whole family, this’ll greatly reduce tidying across the whole house.

Micheal Wheaton works for East 2 Eden, Online Gifts retailer based in the UK. 

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