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Does your home look tired and worn down? You don’t need a million bucks to spice up the look of your home. It just takes a little creativity and willpower, and you can be on your way to improving the look of your home within weeks. Don’t keep putting off making your home the place you have always wanted it to be. Get yourself going and work towards a better home for tomorrow. Here are some tips to help your home look better for you and your family.

Get Rid Of That Tacky Wallpaper

Heavy floral pattern wallpaper was all the rage in the early 90s, but by now, covering your walls with repeating images of giant pink flowers is outdated. It is a lot harder to bring a room together and make it look fresh when your home is covered wall to wall in aging wallpaper. It may be a hassle, but tearing down that wallpaper can really make your home look fresher and with the times. Once you tear down that wallpaper, go out and get a fresh coat of paint for your walls. Pick a neutral color that can fit with your whole house. Get creative and have it match with what will be in the room.

Update Your Kitchen

Vintage isn’t always what you want to hear when it comes to your kitchen appliances. Older appliances not only can show their age after 30+ plus years, but they also can be less efficient. Technology gets better over the years and new kitchen appliances can actually make your cake bake more evenly! Pick the style of kitchen appliances you want, and start sifting through brands and reviews. Supply your kitchen with appliances that match in appearance. Do your best to keep your kitchen cleaned and free of clutter. Updating your kitchen takes time and patience, but it can really make your home look vastly more appealing. If you have a bit more cash sitting around, consider replacing your counter tops. For a cheaper upgrade, change out the knobs on your cabinet doors. Even the little things can drastically make your home look better.

Control Your Lighting

Lighting. It is more important than you may think. Most homes come equipped with the generic overhead lights and fans. They are useful and serve their purpose, but usually lights that come with your home are more for utility. Upgrade your lighting system, and you will see how lighting can make your entire home look better. If you have home security systems from companies like Smith Monitoring, you will have the ability to control lights to your home from an app on your phone or tablet. Wouldn’t you love to dim the lights with the touch of a button? Consider replacing the outdated light fixtures in your home for ones that are more modern. The right style of lighting fixture can really accent your home, and if you get the right control for dimming, you can set the mood in your home with ease.

About the Author: Andrea is a writer, blogger, and artist. Check out her blogs to read up on all things pets, family, and the home.

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