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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

Dory moment

I and the husband have a lot in common but we are opposite on a lot of things too. He is melancholic. I am choleric. So when it comes to small details or small things, it’s the hubby who’s in charge of that. Though we didn’t talk that he’ll take charge of it, it is somehow automatic that I let him do those things. When we’re going out, he’s the last one to step out of the house and lock the doors. He holds the key so he’s also the first one to enter the house. Last Wednesday night (should I say before dawn) was different. I insisted on opening the door so he let me do it. As soon as I unlocked the door, I entered the house and immediately do whatever I need to do so I could finally lay my back on the bed. I was pretty exhausted after sitting for so many hours that night so I am too excited to hit the bed. Ace, on the other hand, followed me and locked the door from the inside so we could finally rest.

We woke up almost mid-day and when he opened the door, he was surprised to see the keys hanging there! He immediately called me and asked me what are those keys doing in the door. I jokingly said “nakalimutan nila alisin sarili nila jan”.hahaha.

Who left those keys at the door last night? Aside from those keys, I also forgot my Lumix at Mam Beb's. Hahay...Dory moment!

Glad we have screen door so the keys are not visible from the street. Besides, I doubt if somebody would dare enter our premises because we have five brave dogs ready to bite and tear every flesh of anybody who gets inside the yard. Lesson learned, I won’t insist on opening the door next time or if I don’t have a choice but to do it, remind myself to immediately remove the keys from the keyhole once I get inside the house.

To make that Dory moment worst, I forgot my camera that night at Mam Bebs. Ohhh….I am such forgetful these days. But when I tell Ace I read somewhere that forgetfulness is normal during pregnancy, he won’t believe me because even before I got pregnant, I am always-forgetful Dory (I am referring here to Dory from the movie Finding Nemo).

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