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It is good etiquette to say thank you. ‘Thank you’ are two simple words that can mean so much. It is used every day, just to be polite. We thank people constantly for opening a door, making a coffee, handing something to us, moving aside; the list of occasions where ‘thank you’ is used is quite endless. If you want to express a sincere thank you or endless gratitude, there are creative ways in which this can be done.

Email a video

If you are not into writing thank you cards, you could send an email with a video attachment of a ‘thank you’ song. There are many songs that would be suitable for the occasion.

Bag of goodies

In a small zip lock plastic bag, place of selection of treats. Fold a decorative piece of cardboard in half, large enough to cover the opening of the zip lock bag. Staple the cardboard to the top of the plastic bag. On the cardboard you can write a thank you note or place a thank you sticker. For added decoration, punch two holes in the top of the cardboard and thread with ribbon for hanging or adornment.

Take a photo

If thanking someone for a gift, why not take a photo of the gift recipient using the gift? You can make the photo as creative as you like or as quirky as you like. This ‘thank you’ can be a lot of fun to make! If you do this on the computer or at a photo print store, you can add text to the photo. This can be ordered online as well.

Personalised thank you cards

If you have many thank you cards to send, it is easy to have them printed. You can upload a photo to have on the front of the card and have a set text inside. For a personal touch, you may like to sign the card yourself.

A small box

If saying thank you at a wedding, baby shower or bridal shower, take a small box and place a cupcake inside. On the inside of the lid print ‘thank you’. You could even place a ‘thank you’ sticker on the inside of the lid instead. Guests will delight in seeing these two words when they open the lid of the box.

Depending on the recipient of your ‘thank you’, it might be appropriate to send an email. Do so, if this is the case. However, snail mail is a delight nowadays. Brides and grooms still like to give out traditional thank you cards; new mothers still like to send thank you cards to people for their best wishes and gifts on the arrival of a child, and thank you cards are still given on the occasion of a loved one’s passing. Thank you cards can be ordered online. You can choose a style, colour and text and have multiple thank you cards printed. This is a simplified way of organising customised thank you cards. People will honestly appreciate the thought and effort taken to send thank you cards.

Matilda is a stay at home mum and in her spare time she loves arts and craft activities and sharing ideas in the articles she writes. She believes that making a friend a gift is more personal rather than a gift card. In her spare time she is a full time mother of two.

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