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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

“A good friend is cheaper than therapy.”  ~Author Unknown

True that! Been missing a friend for weeks. Though we both know we’re just a chat away, I didn’t bother to start a conversation that will definitely take us hours catching up. Then all of a sudden, she sent a PM in FB and there started another crazy night that kept us awake until 1AM.haha. We were having a great time exchanging PMs when suddenly my laptop monitor who seems to have a mind of its own turned off. Yes, I am suffering from that problem for weeks now. I don’t wanna miss a second that I didn’t wait for my monitor to come to life again. Instead, I instantly transferred to my iPhone and continued chatting with that friend.

We’re discussing something very important that I don’t want to wait for a few minutes for my laptop to run normally again.LOL. I type faster in my laptop’s keyboard than in my phone that took me longer to reply and got another PM (yes, we made the inbox a chat box) “antagal!”. Sounds too demanding?haha. Well, that’s how we talk to each other. It was a lovely exchange of opinions. I had my dose of laugh trip that made Ace curious. If other people would see me, I am sure they’ll think that I am crazy – smiling and giggling while typing on my phone.

The hardest thing to do when you are so engaged in your conversation is how to end it. It took us long to finally end the conversation because there are things that we cannot keep from inserting between “good night”. That was great. ‘Twas great to catch up with a good friend. It’s more than a therapy. No, I am not going through emotional problem now but I am sick for days. And having a cheerful conversation (aside from the husband) in between some serious ones is a good thing. Ace was even entertained as he was reading the conversation in my laptop. Oh…Mr. Bean on stalker or should I say “chismoso” mode.

Isn’t that nice to have a real good friend? I mean REAL. Not imaginary.


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