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Time flies so fast

One hour to go and it’s Sunday again. Time flies really fast. Where did Monday to Saturday go? Since it’s weekend, time for bonding in downtown. We went to Gaisano Mall to withdraw my  earnings, did some window shopping and had dinner. When we got tired, we went to Kuya Jun and Ate Tere’s (my BIL and SIL) apartment  to fetch MIL but we haven’t seen CT and Ate Tere ‘coz they’re already asleep. Ate Tere’s two boys are sick…maybe due to the weather. Hope they will be well very soon.

By the way, it’s been a week since we went to the Christmas Bazaar and bought some food products made by locals within the region. We actually bought some and planned to go back the next day to buy concentrated juice in tetra pack and the herbs that I wanted for so long. I was planning to get a pack of concentrated Passion Fruit juice because Ace has no idea what that Passion Fruit looks like and how it tastes. Have tasted fresh passion fruit juice in my classmate’s house back home that grew passion fruits and Pomegranate trees but haven’t tasted the latter. Since we went to the market the next day, we weren’t able to go back to the bazaar. I hope I could find those fruit juice products in one of the local stores here so Ace could have a taste of it.

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  1. by Julie, on December 7 2008 @ 3:00 am


    That passion fruit juice sounds good… I think you’ve given me a craving! *lol*

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