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Still dreaming for a car

A car is becoming a necessity these days. Gone are the days of cars being a luxury. I realized the importance of it when we have to wait for hours just to get a cab going home. I don’t really care about it when we are just going out once a week. But lately that we’ve been in and out of the house more than once a week, I find commuting so inconvenient especially during rush hours…much more when it’s raining! I don’t have problem going to downtown, but going home is the problem. With those unfortunate occasions that we commute, I wish we have a car for our convenience or I am just dreaming the impossible?

Getting a car is one of hubby’s ultimate wish. I would like to think that’s normal for every man. He’s been talking about it over and over again but our financial resources are not enough to own one this time. We’re taking into consideration second hand cars because it’s more affordable. But I am afraid about the maintenance expenses afterwards but there are brands that are tried and tested to be durable. Hubby says Volkswagen is one of the trusted brands in terms of quality. Undeniably, yes because I am still seeing VW beetle running in the streets when those cars have been more an two or three decades old. So when we have the resources to get a second hand car, are we getting a VW? Probably! If only there’s a car dealer in this part of the woods that carry Volkswagen cars like VW Dealer MN. Browsing at the inventory listing makes him drool. How much more driving his dream car? The husband will be over the moon, I am sure!

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