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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

Neck and shoulder pains! Yes, been waking up to that for days last month. I was associating the pain to my office chair (Ella’s study chair, actually) because it’s not ergonomically designed. I believed that’s really the cause of my shoulder and neck pains for days but Ace pointed out it’s the pillows that I am using. I used to sleep with one pillow under my head for years and haven’t experienced neck and shoulder pains. Then last month, I started using two pillows on top of each other to elevate my head for convenience reading in my iPad2. When I am too sleepy, I close the iPad2, put it away, then doze off. Unconsciously, I am sleeping with two pillows that elevates my head and upper back further. So when Ace told me to sleep with one pillow, I made the conscious effort to remove the pillow after I put away the iPad2 at night. Days after, I am not waking up to the pain that I am suffering from for days. So that must be with the pillow!

Due to the discomfort that the pain is causing me, I thought of buying the memory foam pillow that I usually see when window shopping at the mall. No budget for the memory foam mattress and memory foam toppers for now. But I would really like to try that memory foam pillow and see how it affects my sleep – if I wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed because I had a really deep slumber.

When 2012 started, I and hubby wanted to observe healthy eating. That’s the least that we could do for a healthier us since we don’t run out of excuses to exercise. Talk about being lazy.LOL. We started with a no pork and soda diet since day 1. I can give up pork but soda? I doubt if I can.

Fast forward to day 15, hubby bought me soda. That’s our cheat day! But still, we’re not eating pork until one day, we craved for liempo (grilled pork belly) and the NO PORK and SODA diet ended. I realized giving up on pork and soda instantly is too much. No problem with pork because we don’t usually have pork in our meals but with soda? It’s too much and my body errr…the mind had a hard time adjusting. It should have been better if we minimized our soda and pork intake first until we could finally say NO to those totally. This reminded me of something I read online about smart health goals. Setting health goals should be clear, realistic, achievable, flexible, and urgent. To achieve healthy living, and see a serious result at the end of the year, I need to revisit my goals and make sure I am stating the specifics and that it is attainable. Or else, nothing will happen to the goal of a healthier us at the end of the year.

Do you have healthy living goals too but aren’t moving forward like us? Then it’s time to re-evaluate it.


Image by Rana Ossama via Flickr

It’s a body’s natural reaction to go into stress mode when an emergency strikes– unfortunately, however, that stress can make it nearly impossible to keep a level head in an emergency. Stress-related anxiety and insomnia make our already dire circumstances seem even worse, making it difficult to make quick decisions or cope with the current crisis. When an emergency strikes, it’s doubly important to try to alleviate as much stress as possible.