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Our life, experiences, and lessons learned

Our huge canine family!

They missed us too! So happy to see our doggies!!!

Oh…the look on their faces after leaving them for 2 days.

I can’t believe we have this huge family of dogs. It started with just one, then another puppy was given to Ace in 2006. We had two dogs – Maya and Puto – for about 3 years then Maya had 5 litter in 2009 but only one survived and we named him Thirdie. Two years after, another 2 puppies were added to the growing family – Ate and Kuya. A year later, Julio and Julia. In less than two years, we had Princess – the differently abled dog.

Why does our canine family grown so big like we had now? Every time we learn that a dog is pregnant, we plan on giving out the puppies to those who wanted to adopt. But once we get hold of the cute little litters, we can’t help but develop an emotional bond with them until we cannot afford to give them. We chose to take care of them and feed them despite the fact that feeding a number of dogs every single day is not a joke. Dog kibbles are expensive! We don’t have kids to feed but we have six canine mouths waiting for their kibbles everyday!

What do we get in return? Aside that all are guard dogs and nobody could dare enter our premises for fear of being bitten by the dogs, we love being with them. We find talking to the dogs a nice stress reliever for us. So don’t ask us what we get in return for having such huge canine family. The joy is immeasurable like having a bunch of kids!


The moment I see these cute little ducks, I asked the bird handler if they are selling ducklings. I love to take home those cutie! Sadly, they are not. They are just breeding for the bird park and not for sale. Sad!

Aren’t they so cute? Must be nice to have pets like these Daddy’s farm! Stay tuned for more bird photos coming up next!

Toys for cats and dog clothes

Not everybody are passionate to animals. I am thankful that as much as I am inclined into gardening, Ace loves adopting animals as pets. It started with one cat, then a puppy. Now we already have five dogs and one cat! When our cat – KiawKiaw – is still a kitten, we looked around pet shops to check if they have toys for cats. Apparently, we didn’t found one and even a scratch post is not available at the pet supply stores. We just bought him a ball of yarn to play with. Our dogs didn’t have much toys too. A ball is all that they have. Too bad that pet shops does not carry variety of pet supplies except for the leashes, the feeding bowls, collars, grooming supplies, and large dog beds.

How I wish Premium Pet Supplies 4U is within reach. I might be their frequent costumer of toys for cats and dogs. Even other pet supplies that our adopted fur babies need. Ace has the tendency to spoil the fur babies so I am sure he will bug me to shop for them if he sees those dog treat and dog toys, including those cute dog clothes! He used to play dress up with Thirdie before using his old shirts. He would then be thrilled to play with our two puppies now if we could get them their cute puppy clothes.