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I am a BIG fan of Cebu Pacific Air not because it is the the official carrier of JG Summit Group of Companies (where URC – my previous employer – and Cebu Pacific Air belongs) but because it is the first airline in the country that made flying possible to every JUAN. The year-round seat sale, not to mention the piso fare and other promo fares that they are offering from time to time is a big help to every Filipinos to travel conveniently by air. Gone are the days when air travel is only for the well-offs. Now even ordinary people can fly! As Cebu Pacific Air’s tagline goes…It’s time everyone flies!

My heart would leap everytime there’s a piso fare or other promo fares and wish I have a credit card so I can book a flight at that instant. Since we don’t have a credit card, I brushed off that desire to fly when there’s a promo seat fare that’s less than a thousand pesos (including travel tax and fuel surcharge). It came to the point that I wish Cebu Pacific online booking will accept payment thru paypal so we could fly! Days before the 15th president’s inauguration, I heard Cebu Pacific is offering a 15-peso seat sale so everybody went gaga trying to book a flight. I tried booking for a flight and there I discovered that there are other options for the payment. Bank payment are accepted! That’s really a good news to us who doesn’t own credit cards! All you have to do is book your flight online and you have 24 hours to pay at your preferred payment centers such as Metrobank, BDO, and other banks. Isn’t that great? So now I know. We can have the chance to avail of the super cheap seat sale (that one cannot get when booking at ticketing offices) anytime there’s a sale. Sweet!

Right now there’s a seat sale going on…it’s half the price! Go check out and book your desired flight. Good luck!

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