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Choosing your Wedding Videographer

Planning the wedding of your dreams is very exciting. After all, a wedding marks another chapter in one’s life which makes it extra special. Some take at least a year to plan out the details and the budget of their big day. Some opt for a short engagement instead. A wedding planned for months or in haste, however, would be so much better if it is well-documented. Years from now, the memories of that day will remain in photos and videos. That said, choosing your photographer and videographer for that special day is a very important aspect of wedding planning.

The first step in choosing your videographer is to know what exactly you want or how you want the event covered. By doing so, you can already set the budget for the coverage. More options are available today thanks to digital technology.

Basic Service

The cheapest of all video coverage is the old-school point-and-shoot basic service. If you have seen one too many wedding videos, you’ve probably seen what a point-and-shoot video is. It basically just documents your day, less the technology-wise fuss but with more cliché parts like animated graphics and all too familiar music. Some brides think this type is cheesy but if you have a limited budget and need to go this route there are precautions you can take. Talk with your chosen videographer, note specific instructions (i.e. choose your own music, avoid asking guests to say wishes to the camera, etc.) and you just might be able to make your video more suited to your taste.

Documentary Style

The more popular choice these days is hiring a video journalist to cover your wedding. It will set you back a few thousand dollars more than the basic service but the output is definitely one for the books. Your wedding video will be like one of those documentary independent films where the story is poignant, real and dramatic while using beautiful images captured through the cinematographer’s eyes.

Once you already know what you want and how much you are willing to pay for the videographer, it’s time to ask around for referrals. The more reliable videographers are those previously hired by friends & relatives who have delivered good output. Ask for work samples from your shortlist or snoop around the videographers’ websites. Be wary of outdated websites and those who refuse to show you work samples from an actual event. Lastly, protect yourself and your videographer with a service contract to avoid future disputes.

About the Author: Joyce is planning for her dream wedding and plans to have Aurora Coast video production cover her very special day.

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